Client Portal FAQs

A client portal is an access point through a secured server. This access point allows clients to send and receive data directly to and from KBST&M without using email, overnight delivery, or regular mail. Client Portal allows clients to securely view Tax Returns, Financial Statements and Other Deliverables. Client Portal also allows clients to upload files to KBST&M such as QuickBooks, Accounting Data files and Scanned Tax Documents.
You have complete access to your data and may remove it from the portal at any time. KBST&M also has access to your information and it will be kept on our server according to our own record retention policy.
There are two main reasons: security and file size limits. Most e-mail clients have a size file limit of 10-20mb, this is not the case with the Client Portal. Some examples of large file sizes include Quickbooks files, PDFs of tax returns, and supporting documents. Another limitation of e-mail is that you must encrypt and password protect your file before you sending it; with a Client Portal, you just have to select the file and let the portal take care of the encryption.
Any time a new file is placed on your portal, you will receive an e-mail notification from your professional at KBST&M. This e-mail will contain a hyperlink that will take you straight to the login page of the portal, where you may enter your e-mail address and password to access your documents.
The time it takes to upload or download a file is dependent on two factors, the size of the file and the speed of your connection. Several services are available on the web to test upload and download speed. If you are experiencing slow transfers, we suggest you test your bandwidth and speed using a trusted source, such as or

The client portal is a secure web application which can be accessed through most current versions of web browsers, preferably Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

CCH Client Axcess® Portal compatibility note

To take full advantage of all the features of the CCH Client Axcess® Portal, most current versions of Windows and Internet Explorer, as well as Google Chrome will allow access.

Your professional at KBST&M will create an account for you and provide detailed instructions on logging into the system. They will also provide you our User’s Guide to help you along the way.

Your user ID is your e-mail address. If you can’t remember what email address you used contact your KBST&M Professional.

You can reset your password following the instructions on this site: Forgot your password?

To see detailed instructions to reset your password they can be found here: Instructions to Reset Your Password

You may either contact your professional at KBST&M or for technical questions, the IT Department at 410-308-0300 or [email protected] during normal business hours.

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